Jeff Hern for Hamilton County Council

    About Jeff HErn


     After moving to Hamilton County in 2003, Jeff immediately jumped right into volunteering on committees and understanding the needs in his community. With the goal to always help when needed, that led Jeff to becoming Fall Creek Township Trustee, and eventually, a Hamilton County Councilor. 

    Jeff’s initial involvement in local politics started with two specific goals: 

    keep government limited and easy to navigate and be someone that residents could easily reach out to when they had questions. Those two objectives have never wavered. 

    As Fall Creek Township Trustee, Jeff made a big impact on the community. While in office, he tripled the size of the food pantry, created a back to school backpack program and implemented an adopt-a-family during the holidays, all without using taxpayers dollars. After six years while serving as Trustee, the township became debt-free and lowered taxes each year. 

    After Jeff’s tenure as Township Trustee, he desired to expand his impact. Jeff went on to become a Hamilton County Councilor At-Large, representing people across Hamilton County. He took the fundamental elements that made him successful as a Trustee and applied them to the County Council. 

    With every decision he makes as a Councilor, Jeff seeks to be collaborative, innovative, and always keep taxpayers top of mind. As a Trustee, Jeff learned to be efficient and a good steward of money, he applied those same principles today as a Councilor. 

    Now seeking re-election, Jeff will continue to put taxpayers first. He also hopes to continue providing resources to the northern area of the County and secure a domestic abuse shelter in the County. 

    In addition to his time on the Hamilton County Council, Jeff is a big supporter of public safety initiatives. He serves on the Hamilton County Sheriff Committee, the Hamilton County Emergency Management Committee, and the County Fire Chief Committee.

    Jeff also serves on the 4H Council, Purdue Extension Committee for County, the Ball State Marketing Board of Advisors, the Hamilton Southeastern / Fishers Youth Lacrosse Board, and is a County Court Liaison.

    Professionally, Jeff has been in the food industry business for several decades, leading teams at Johnsonville Sausage and Sigma Alimentos. Jeff graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Marketing and Interpersonal Relations. He was also in Student Senate during college. 

    Jeff's Priorities

     Public Safety

    Residents should be protected efficiently, effectively and quickly. 

    • Jeff personally interacts with members of multiple departments to improve support and gather ideas on keeping our public safety departments on the leading edge.
    • Our public safety professionals should have the best training and the best people. 
    • Our approach to public safety should be proactive and collaborative. Across the County, a variety of roles and different groups should continually communicate to ensure successful outcomes. 


    Low Taxes with Increased Value

    Residents deserve high value for low taxes.

    • Councilors must know and understand the County budget. 
    • Must understand every County department on a deep level to allocate resources and funds appropriately.
    • Be a good steward of taxpayers’ money and know the value the Council will provide residents.


    Servant Leadership

    Listen and understand the needs of residents to be an impactful leader. 

    • No matter the situation, as a Councilor, be ready to help at any level, at any time to protect residents.
    • Use prior experience as a Trustee and community volunteer to make good decisions as a leader. 


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